Your friendly neighbourhood popular culture fanatic


ComicScene UK #2 features “An Indomitable Legacy”, my retrospective on Asterix comics.

I’m Fred McNamara, an adventurer in the depths of popular culture. Well, perhaps more of a rambler… Where there’s a comic, film, TV show or book that needs to be torn apart, waxed lyrical about and stitched back together, I’m there.

I’ve written for a variety of websites, blogs, magazines and fanzines as a reviewer, features writer and interviewer. You can find my work at We Are the Mutants, Your Chicken EnemyWe Are Cult, ComicScene UK, Starburst Magazine and Andersonic. My work has also appeared in anthologies published by Watching Books and Who Dares Publishing. I’ve previously written for the British Science AssociationPopMatters, WhatCulture, ScreenRelish, Grovel, Flickering Myth and the Official Gerry Anderson blog. I’m also a Rotten Tomatoes certified film critic – I’ve contributed to the Tomatometer! I receive no royalties for such a privilege however, so it probably amounts to very little…

Andersonic #18 features “Calling International Rescue”, an exploration as to why Thunderbirds isn’t greatly discussed amongst TV academics.

I also serve as the Official Sidekick for A Place To Hang Your Cape. I can only assume my Editor-in-Cape had to deal with a rogues gallery of bootleg sidekicks before I came along. In this role, I act as the website’s senior editor, making sure we produce some darn fine articles covering the superhero genre and championing independent/small press comic books. I previously ran Operation Megaventures, a blog dedicated to fresh reviews of classic comic strips from TV21.

Starburst #423 features “Welcome to the Jungle”, my preview of Captain America: Civil War.

Because I’m a firm believer in having too much to do, I’m currently writing my debut book too. Spectrum is Indestructible is an unofficial celebration of the cult sci-fi Supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Packed with episode reviews, spin-off retrospectives, character and thematic studies, interviews with those who worked on the show and more, it’s a nerdy nirvana for Captain Scarlet fans. It will be published later this year (2019) by Chinbeard Books.

You can check out a portfolio of my digital work here. I’m always on the lookout for writing projects to get involved with, so if you’re after a contributing writer for your website or magazine, feel free to get in touch!

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