Welcome to my site! I’m Fred McNamara, a journalist working in popular culture and local television. By day, I’m a mild-mannered video journalist for Estuary TV, and by night I’m an adventurer of popular culture – you might say I’m your regular Clark Kent!

In my video journalism, I report on news and current affairs in North Lincolnshire. I produce a mixture of extensive news packages and brief yet succinct bulletin pieces for broadcast on Estuary TV. My popular culture journalism is another world entirely. I write for various websites and magazines about films, television programmes and comics.

I’m also the senior editor for the superhero/independent comic book hub A Place To Hang Your Cape, and am currently writing my first book, “Spectrum is Indestructible”, a critical guide to the sci-fi television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Whatever spare time I have consist of sleeping and eating!

Below are some of the clients I work with or have done so in the past. If you’re a film-maker, author, comic book creator looking for some press for your product, or have got a story/event in North Lincolnshire you’d like to promote, feel free to get in touch!