Sequential 21: A Gerry Anderson Comic Book Fanzine

1605956-tv21no1I’m hugely excited to reveal my follow-up project to Spectrum is Indestructible: Sequential 21: A Gerry Anderson Comic Book Fanzine!

Sequential 21 is a fanzine/bookazine that celebrates the worlds of Gerry Anderson comics, from TV21 to Countdown, Fleetway and beyond. The fanzine will consist of retrospectives of entire strip runs from various Gerry Anderson comics, reviews of key story arcs, analytical features probing into specific elements of the comics and interviews with writers and artists who worked on those classic comics. I’m also aiming for the fanzine to have unofficial/fan-produced comic strips of Gerry Anderson shows.

Spectrum is Indestructible proved to be an exhaustive (and exhausting) joy to write, but I knew I didn’t want things to end there. Sequential 21 combines my joint love of Gerry Anderson productions and comic books into a unique, one-off publication that tips its hat to these videocolor worlds. Taking the fanzine route with this concept feels highly suitable too, as we’ll be able to compliment the visual nature of comic books in the best way possible.


4975327-tv century 21 v1965 #158 (of 242) (1965) - page 1Where I tasked myself with covering as much Captain Scarlet media as possible with Spectrum is Indestructible, Sequential 21 will have a much looser feel to it. I’m cherry-picking my way through my favourite aspects of these comics. Write-ups of Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Zero X, Project SWORD, Agent 21 comics and more will all be featured in Sequential 21. Some of the fanzine’s content will consist of new and improved editions of articles from my former blog of the same name. The fanzine is currently being written/produced, so we’re a while away from publication yet, but I’ll be sure to share updates on Sequential 21 as work progresses.

Also, if you’re a comic creator interested in contributing to the zine, drop me an email via and let’s get chatting!

Stand by for sequential action (and enjoy this sneaky art preview from the zine’s designer Robert Hammond)!


Sequential 21: A Gerry Anderson Fanzine is an unofficial, non-profit publication. All illustrative material remains the property of its respective copyright holders.