Unity City Press (Free Fanzines!)

Amidst my writing adventures, I write, design and publish digital Gerry Anderson fanzines under the moniker Unity City Press that are entirely free for you to download and enjoy. They’re rather spontaneous creations, which is my way of saying I don’t put too much thought into them…

My debut fanzine, Secret Spectrafiles Exposed! is a 16-page Captain Scarlet fanzine that acts as a companion to Spectrum Is Indestructible. It contains a bibiography of Captain Scarlet‘s TV21 adventures, timeline of key events scattered throughout Captain Scarlet‘s comic book career and my personal top 10 best TV21 adventures for Spectrum’s top agent. It’s sent out into the world in a TV21-esque cover.

The TV21 Digital Dossier is a 41-page collection of Gerry Anderson fanfics designed as TV21 front covers, nearly each one telling a unique story set in the shared universe of the comic. The TV21 Digital Dossier is my first genuine stab at Gerry Anderson fanfiction, inspired by making the cover for Secret Spectrafiles Exposed!. The 23-page Century Zero is the sequel to the TV21 Digital Dossier and is a TV21 annual-styled publication packed with text features, character bios and vehicle specs for all of the original characters introduced in the TV21 Digital Dossier.

Unity City Press fanzines:

Secret Spectrafiles Exposed! (March 2020)

TV21 Digial Dossier (April 2020)

Century Zero (May 2020)