I love to spew forth his rambles on a great number of films, from the intoxicatingly morose Get Carter to fangasming over how Captain America: The Winter Solider is the greatest MCU film to date. Like most people, I have my favourite genres and era of film, but I thrill in witnessing as many genres of movies I can lay my eyes on. I write about films for ScreenRelish, Starburst Magazine, and A Place to Hang Your Cape. I’ve also written about films for Flickering Myth and WhatCulture.

I have a great love for both the Hollywood and indie film worlds, and have been invited to a handful of prestigious press screenings, including Network Distribution’s Filmed in Supermarionation documentary. My love of indie film-making is evident by my review of the sci-fi thriller The Drift, a snippet of which is quoted on the film’s official poster. My love for independent film-making has also led to solid relationships with multiple PR and production companies who specialise in producing indie films, including Haggis Western Films and ChicArt Public Communications.

If you’d like to get in touch with me regarding coverage for your film, or if you’d like to recruit me for you pop culture website/magazine, check out the contact page.