Spectrum is Indestructible: Release Dates & Pre-orders

This is Spectrum is Indestructible HQ calling all Spectrum Agents!

What-ho all. Well, it’s late January, which means we surely accept that the excesses of Christmas and New Year are a distant memory and we can return to the daily grind of our working lives.

It also means, unfortunately, that Spectrum is Indestructible won’t be ready to buy come February, as I had previously stated.

However, before you all descend into anarchy (this is assuming there’s enough people out there wanting to buy the book who can actually create a situation big enough to be classified as ‘anarchy’), fret not. Spectrum is Indestructible WILL be finished in due course and published by Chinbeard Books. It just so happens that writing this book is taking far longer than I had anticipated when I announced it back in late 2016. Who’d have thought writing a book take up so much of one’s time, right? Right…?

At the time of this update being written, the book currently stands at being roughly 70% finished. Once that’s done, the editing process will commence, which naturally takes up more time. Writing this book is proving to be an immense passion project of mine, but because it’s a passion project, that means I’m balancing this book with my regular 9-5 job and family life, so finding the time to knuckle down with it can sometimes prove to be more elusive than I’d like. My publisher and I have set a tentative time during the summer in which we’ll aim to have the book ready to be purchased by you lovely lot.

This leads me onto my second point. Since August last year, Spectrum is Indestructible has been available to pre-order from Chinbeard Books. In December however, Chinbeard Books stated that they will no longer be doing print runs of their books for the foreseeable future. You can read their full statement on the matter here. Once again, fret not! This restructuring on my publisher’s part essentially means, from your point of view, that pre-ordering books will no longer be an option. Instead, Chinbeard Books will now be operating on a print-on-demand service. Rest assured you’ll still be able to buy the book once it’s finished, so if you’re interested in buying a copy, nothing changes from your point of view.

That’s all from me for now. Thank you to anyone and everyone who’s shown interest in Spectrum is Indestructible. I felt the need to update you all on the current situation after getting an email from someone in Australia who want’s to buy not one, but TWO copies of the book! I guess the fact that I have people enquiring after the book shows that people genuinely wish to part with their money in exchange for my crazed ramblings on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, which is a most humbling feeling.

To paraphrase what Colonel White says in ‘Manhunt’ when Spectrum’s net on Captain Black grows tighter, Spectrum is Indestructible is just taking a little longer to finish than I had hoped. If you’d like to keep tabs on how the book does progress, then follow Chinbeard Books on Facebook and Twitter for more information. You can also follow myself on Twitter, where I enjoy in waxing lyrical about how writing Spectrum is Indestructible is causing me to have multiple nervous breakdowns. A follow-up book about the making of Spectrum is Indestructible might just prove to be a more engrossing, heart-wrenching, hilarious and just plain better read…

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